How to Dress in Your 30s

Fashion should be fun at every age! While there are no hard and fast rules about what to wear and not wear, getting older may mean you need to revise your everyday look and maybe do a little shopping. Here are some tips for how to dress stylish in your 30s!


Skip the Sneakers (Unless You’re at the Gym)

Maybe there was a time in your life when sneakers were your go-to shoe for any event that was even remotely casual. But when you hit 3-0, it’s best to put sneakers in their place—which should be the gym and the gym alone. There are so many other options for casual shoes that will be much more stylish. Even shoes that are just a hair more formal and put-together than sneakers will be better than sneakers. While you may think people aren’t paying much attention to your feet, wearing a classier shoe will instantly elevate your look and make you look more mature.


Befriend Structured Blazers

When you’re looking for something to add a polished look to your outfits, you can never underestimate the power of a good blazer. More specifically, you want blazers that are structured because they’ll make you look even more polished. The right blazer is versatile. It can be the perfect accompaniment to wear to work over a blouse, dressed down with your favorite jeans, and so much more!


Find a Tailor You Trust

There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you’ve changed sizes in the past few years. You can be stylish no matter what size you are! But the fastest way to look unstylish is wearing poorly-fitting clothing. Make sure that when you buy new clothes that you’re buying based on reality, not your goal sizes. Clothing that is fitted and flattering instantly makes you look more stylish! Tailoring also makes your clothing look more expensive. Because of this, it’s very handy to find a local tailor you can trust for consistently great results.


Buy Dresses That Multi-Task

In your 30s, you’ve likely made your rounds to your fair share of formal events from weddings to classy dinner parties to work events. Hopefully, you’re past the point of purchasing a new dress for every event you go to. Instead, make sure you have dresses that will be appropriate for a variety of occasions. Have some staple dresses for every season that can be paired with different accessories and stun at many types of occasions. Of course, you can never go wrong with an LBD so make sure you have at least one in your closet!


Compromise on Skirt Length

When you’re figuring out how to dress in your 30s, opt for a happy medium for length with skirts and dresses. Miniskirts are definitely more appropriate in your 20s, but there’s no reason to make the switch to maxi skirts exclusively. Midi skirts and dresses are the most versatile, and as a bonus, they’re popular right now! You can wear them for work or a night out. They can be dressed up or dressed down. If you’re in your 30s, you most definitely appreciate a good multi-purpose item that gives you more bang for your buck.


Invest in Quality Basics Over Quantity of Trends

By the time you’re asking “What should a 30-year-old wear?”, hopefully, you’ve learned to be thoughtful about what trends you invest in. While there’s nothing wrong with having some trendy pieces and some fast-fashion pieces, make sure they don’t make up the majority of your closet. Now is the time when you should be more intentional about investing in high-quality, versatile items that not only have a timeless style but also longevity. Even if your closet has fewer items, you’ll have more outfits if you choose clothing that’s easier to mix and match.


Choose Understated Accessories

For fashion over 30-years-old, jewelry is one of the most fun ways to elevate a look, especially if you rely on mixing and matching staple pieces. You may think that jewelry is the best place to go more unique, but we still recommend selecting jewelry that’s more understated and timeless. If you’re buying quality jewelry, it’s going to be expensive and you don’t want to waste your money on a passing trend. You’ll also want to find some go-to brands that are known for selling high-quality jewelry, i.e., the stuff that won’t turn your skin green!


Grab Your Favorite Graphic Tees

Although you may get some mixed feedback on this depending on who you ask, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with reaching for your favorite graphic tees over 30. Being over 30 doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun in fashion. You can still always wear what makes you happy! If you love graphic tees, keep wearing them. You could try dressing them up a little by tucking them into a pair of trousers which also will give your outfit more structure since graphic tees are often on the baggier side.


Don’t Neglect Your Undergarments

Buying quality pieces should extend to your underwear drawer. Maybe you think your undergarments shouldn’t matter since only you (and your partner) will see them. But if the lines of your undergarments are obvious, you’ll instantly look less put-together. Also, make sure you throw out any holey socks. They have no place in your wardrobe!


Don’t be one of the many women who are walking around wearing the wrong bra size. If you need to, get measured so you know you’re buying the right size bras. The right bra can make you look slimmer and help with your posture which you should definitely be aware of at 30-years-old. This is also a good time to get some shapewear to accompany those staple dresses of yours.


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