Bohemian Plus Size Advice

The world was not cut for plus size women and as much as I want my online boutique to be the best on the web, I know the challenges first hand of trying to portray an aesthetic that is riddled with women not of our size. So I have accumulated advice to achieve the perfectly balanced boho outfit.
Embrace pattern with a flattering cut
plus size woman bold bohemian patterened dress summer outfit neutral camel sandals
A perfectly placed pattern in this dress is a great example of how to balance your shape. The v-neck of the dress is equally flattering while the pattern points to the smallest section of the waist. The free flowing hemline of this patterned bohemian dress also gives this outfit interest. Neutral sandals keep the focus on the pattern of the dress and keep the legs looking long and lean.
Add accessories and pile them on!
bohemian outfit of a woman in a peasant dress and wide brimmed hat
Bohemian accessories such as wide brimmed hats, square toe boots, animal printed sunglasses or layered necklaces are some of the hottest trends and should be embraced to complete your look. It could take an otherwise simple top and transform it into la bohemme chic. In these circustances I think, the more the merrier! Pour that sugar on me!
Show some skin!
plus size woman in bohemian shorts and layered mustard tank with wine long cardigan sweater
Find your assets and show them off! Accentuate your curves in pieces that show off your best features. Got great legs? Go with shorts or skirts as a statement piece. A nice rack? Go as deep a V as you like! FInd what you love about yourself and highlight it for the world to see! Plus size clothing is often cut to hide everything- billowy baggy blimp like pieces that offer no shape but girls... you got great shape in there. Don't hide it!
Utilize a Tailor 
bohemian woman under garden arch
This dress is gorgeous and perfectly styled. The only gripe I have with it, is that the girl knows she has great legs and wants to show them off. Utilizing a tailor to customize your clothing is one of the easiest ways to turn a piece that is meh... into your favorite. If this dress was hemmed even if just in the front, it would have been so much more complimentary then having a huge knot in between her legs. Now, maybe she likes the thick teal border but a tailor would be able to keep what you love on a piece even if you wanted it shortened. So don't be afraid to get clothing customized to you and your preferences!
Find your color palette
Getting a color anylsis was one of the best ways I was able to find what colors best suited me- my skin, my undertone and my hair. This allowed me some ease in knowing what colors are going to look best on me. It makes shopping so much easier because if it isn't in my color palette, I don't buy it. It helps me look my best no matter the style.
Most importantly... just be you. Whoever that person is. FInd her and be her. We are waiting for you!


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