Our Story

 You know what happens to our bodies after giving birth? — They get  even more beautiful! Sure, there’ll always be changes as we get older.  Nobody can look like when they were 20 all their life. But why would  anybody want to? Those changes are fantastic, just as the stages in life  they represent.  


Esme’ & Elodie was founded to celebrate the strength and power of all different  kinds of bodies. Clothing should be a source of joy and self-esteem. Getting  dressed in the morning should make you feel powerful in the body you have.  That is the vision behind our design philosophy.  

We strive to be an all-inclusive, body positive fashion label for women who feel  confident in their own skin. Our bohemian/boho style is both casual and easy to  wear. Because clothing shouldn’t be complicated. It should preserve the  joyfulness of playing dress up as a child while embracing the perks of growing  up.  

Esme’ & Elodie is a female owned fashion label on a mission to empower other  women to follow their passion. We’re a living proof that raising 6 children  doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your dreams. In fact, putting on an  outfit you love can be the confidence and empowerment you need to make those dreams a reality.

If our vision and comfy, fun-loving, boho hippie fashion and accessories sounds  like something for you, grab a cup of coffee and take a browse. We would love to have you around!

Emily Brooker, Owner and Founder