Style Inspiration for the Gray Lounge Dress


I know you ladies saw these images in your email check out but now I want to give you some real life examples and ideas on how to wear your gray lounge dress.... when your not lounging anymore! Yes. Yes. That day will come and when it does, I'm ready!

I love this example of a gray dress because it can easily be worn in the summer time too! I think too often we think of gray as a winter color but it looks so chic when paired with strappy sandals, a clutch and some sunglasses. I think it's the simplicity that draws me in but I can easily see this look being achieved with a larger handbag... because my purse is almost a suitcase! 
These two looks are more fall inspired which as you know is my favorite season for dressing. The blanket scarf and tall boots make it feel casual and put together. I think the cognac boots add a richness to the outfit which makes your look read as more expensive... even though we know every girl loves a bargain! We can also see that adding a vest to the dress just adds another dimension to the outfit which makes it read as more cohesive!
What I love about this look is that a casual dress is paired with white sneakers. Now I havent worn white sneakers since the 8th grade when they were mandatory to be on the cheerleading squad, but I have to say that they are growing on me! It feels like a grown up version of sporty spice. The dress makes it look intentional, the sneakers say "i ain't trying that hard".
This is a great photo because it shows you how you can wear an outfit of the same tone and it still reads classic not boring. You wouldn't think that a gray coat over a gray dress would work but the black booties and back grounds the outfit and makes it looks polished and fierce!
I hope these ideas were helpful in the styling of your gray lounge dress to see its true potential in your closet beyond the days of #quaratineandchill!

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