Spring Hygge

This quaratine is getting especially hard now that spring is here. The birds are waking us, the sun is shining- even in Seattle- and flowers are blooming! One of the ways that I am trying to survive this uncertain period of time is embracing hygge. This is a Danish word which embodies a life of warmth, life, comfort and connection. Now connection maybe an especially hard one to achieve during a lockdown but here are some great ways to foster a more aware life:
  • open the windows and breathe some new life into a stagnant space
  • bring some of the outdoors in with some fresh cut flowers, a new plant or some ready to bloom branches
  • go on a walk and take the time to notice things in nature you normally would just pass by
  • find what foods are in season and add them to your groccery orders
  • find a space outdoors to read and enjoy the new season
  • diffuse some essential oils that has bright and cheerful undertones to you
  • make a self indulgent behavior a part of your routine- my favorite has been taking a bath everynight
  • make something! spring is a time of new life... try something new or reignite a passion!
I hope any of these tips are helpful in your life in getting you to stop and enjoy this awkward and uncertain time. WIshing you love and safety from my home to yours!

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